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Tested on Orphans by David Mamet

David Mamet Tested on Orphans


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This is a book full of cartoons your dad might think up. (Or my dad, at least.) It starts out with an introductory letter from Shel Silverstein, which contains no admonishments to Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout to take the gosh-darn garbage out, but some brutal truths about the cartoon-publishing industry.
The cringe-factor in Tested on Orphans is high, in the best possible way. Example: two furry animals stand side-by-side, one, clearly a beaver, gestures to the other, saying "…and this is my significant otter." The eccentric humor (as opposed to pun-based) in some of the other cartoons is what makes for real laughter; the eponymous cartoon with a bottle, for instance, labeled "Not Tested on Animals" and farther down "Tested on Orphans."
The drawings so cruelly ridiculed by Silverstein in his letter somehow make the jokes even better. Whether dashed out at midnight or during some stultifying Hollywood movie meeting these cartoons make for a singular insight on one of America's cultural commentors.
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