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"IKEA" Print by Michele Pred

IKEA Pred Print


Price: $200.00
In her ongoing investigation of the intersection of art, commerce, nationalism and branding, Michele Pred brings us her latest in devious print projects.

A series 20" x 20" prints, which can be 'read' by smartphones, featuring the colors of the IKEA brand and the Swedish national flag, have been secretly placed (or shopdropped) in IKEA stores throughout the country. If you're one of the lucky ones who picked up the piece at your 'neighborhood' IKEA, good work! If not, we offer you these prints from a limited edition of 100.

From Pred: "Barcodes have become ubiquitous and imbedded into many aspects of our lives. They code and track objects in our life from basic needs like food and clothing, to transportation and travel. They even code and track us. We have become products. For Pred, barcodes epitomize our consumer culture. Consumerism implicitly defines our modes of communication and interaction. It has the ability to engender collective stupor; the daily repetition of images, phrases, and messages lull us into unconscious interaction or dialogue. We have constructed our lives around products and codes without thought."

Paper size 20" x 20", image size 12" x 12". Image shown is a cropped detail of the print.
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