Where are they now?

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Have you been wondering what Kris Lang, former digital imager at Electric Works, is up to now? Even though hanging out with her growing kids is more than a full-time job, she has kept her hand in the art world in a very active way. Over the past year, she has been doing photo retouching and digital printmaking at the studio of Leo vanMunching. This weekend you will have a chance to have a look into his studio thanks to ArtSpan’s Open Studios. Come see his large-format documents of San Francisco architecture and intimate portraits of this city’s residents at Open Studios this weekend at 754 Clementina St., from 11-6 on Saturday and Sunday.


Find your way

Bolinas is infamous for being the only California city that does not have a road sign indicating the turn off the highway. Sign or no sign, now is the time to find your way to Bolinas.

Bolinas sign

Until August 25, the Bolinas Museum is hosting three extraordinary exhibitions that make it definitely worth the trip. Electric Works is pleased to have participated in two of these exhibits.

Andy Rappaport’s photographs Constructed Surfaces are inspired by the contributions, both purposeful and accidental, people make to their surroundings. At the inception of this body of work, Electric Works’ imager, Kris Lang helped Andy bring his vision into printable form. Electric Works also helped him realize the publishing of a large scale, folio book. This series features random detritus found on city walls around the world. These found compositions made from decrepit posters, signs or objects defaced with graffiti, paint, scribbling and the passing of time often hide beautiful visual stories…right in plain sight.

Although usually messy and incoherent on a passing glance, these scenes often hide beautiful visual compositions and stories, particularly interesting successful collaborations among people who’ve never met and who never shared a common intent.

Rappaport says of his work, “Out of context and in combination, the literal aspects of these images blur into a single emotional vocabulary.”



Susie Tompkins Buell has loaned her remarkable collection of photographs by Consulo Kanaga. Buell, well known for her passion for empowering women and the under served, says that for a photograph to be in her collection, “it has to make the hairs on my arm stand up.” These photos do and yours will too.


Kanaga wb0

Keith Hansen’s exhibition and book Birds of the Sierra Nevada is the culmination of 15 years of research and over 1,400 rendered portraits of birds. Selections from the 70 plates that illustrate the book are on display in the Main Gallery. Hansen’s studio is on-site where you can purchase the book and prints. Electric Works photographed the original paintings for the publication of the book and for editioned prints of the plates; archival pigment prints on 100% rag paper, signed and numbered by the artist.