Tract: Hughen/Starkweather presents in three exhibitions the solo work of Jennifer Starkweather and Amanda Hughen alongside the collaborative work of Hughen/Starkweather. Their work encompasses both the macro – a large extent of land, and the micro – a nerve system within a human body, transcending the idea of scale.

San Marco Gallery
Dominican University
San Rafael

Artist reception
Saturday November 16
4-6 PM



Coming and going the new Bay Bridge is a stunning achievement- not only in the sweep of its sleek skyway and the luminous vertical lines of suspension but also in the feeling of grandeur and openness it brings to the experience of making the crossing.

On Friday evening with artists Amanda Hughen and Jennifer Starkweather we will celebrate the opening of the Bay Bridge and this feat of engineering with a reception for Valediction.

In Valediction, Hughen/Starkweather create collaborative artworks that explore the layers, complexities, and patterns that comprise a specific place using both current and historic information, photographs, maps, and data to research a location. The resulting artworks map unique forms and patterns derived from built systems and natural movements of a place.


September 6 – October 19, 2013

Opening reception: Friday, September 6, 6-8 PM

Save the date


Valediction is a new series of works on paper by Amanda Hughen and Jennifer Starkweather that focuses on the soon-to-be demolished East Span of the Bay Bridge.
As the new bridge nears completion, the original East Span, which has been a part of the daily landscape of hundreds of thousands of commuters, will soon exist only in our collective memory. In Valediction, the artists explore this idea, as well as the past and future of the East Span, including its construction 75 years ago as a railroad bridge, the 1989 earthquake damage that predestined its eventual replacement, and its future as an abandoned structure on the Bay as it is dismantled over the next few years.

September 6 – October 19, 2013
Opening reception: Friday, September 6, 6-8 PM

Lots of good news

Bryant Austin will present Journey with the Whales a power point presentation at OCSC Sailing in Berkeley on May 22. Mix and mingle starting at 6:30pm, presentation at 7:30pm. To RSVP: 800-223-2984.

Color Raked Pair, 2012 courtesy of Elaine Buckholtz and Electric Works will be auctioned at the Headlands at 30 Benefit Auction, June 6.For details and tickets: HERE.

A story about David Tomb and his co-founding of Jeepney Projects Worldwide appeared in the May issue of The Quail, the Mount Diablo Audubon Society newsletter.

Amanda Hughen is featured in M.F.A. Graduate Bridges Place and Art, a story about her collaboration with Jennifer Starkweather and the new Bay Bridge in the UC Berkeley GradNews.

Two photographs by Dan Nicoletta are included in the block buster exhibition StreetopiaSF at the Luggage Store and environs until June 23. Some 132 artists, performers, writers, filmmakers, activists, thinkers, and public policy makers in venues in the heart of the city, address the show’s theme of Utopian aspiration for the city.

Last but not least…

Rounding out the year with a few last but not least newsworthy notes.

Visit with Jennifer Starkweather and Amanda Hughen at In The Make. During this studio conversation they talk about their collaborative practice and how they worked together on their Bay Bridge project and Approach, Transition, Touchdown their recent exhibition at Electric Works.

Noah with Enrique Chagoya’s 2012 slot machine.

A must read – Printintersting’s interview and walkthrough Electric Works with Noah Lang who pulls out the stops and pulls out the drawers of the flat files and even shows Marcel Dzama’s The Cabin of Count Dracula, twenty lithographs and a vinyl record housed in a LincolnLog-esque box lined with faux beaver fur.

Kudos to Katherine Westerhout. Her photograph Eastern State Penitentiary II is included in “SNAP: A National Juried Exhibition of Photography” at the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek until February 19th.

David Tomb continues his work with the Great Philippine Eagle and other beautiful endemic birds of the Philippines, including the Rufous Hornbill. His installation at the Bone Room, 1573 Solano Ave, Berkeley will highlight sounds of the Mindanao jungle. There will be an opening reception on Thursday, February 2 from 7-9 pm.

David has long been a champion of the El Triunfo Biosphere Preserve. Learn more about how you can win a trip – Just donate $10 and be entered into the drawing. Contest closes February 28, 2012.


“Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.” As we donned special gear- goggles, hard hats and bright orange vests Thoreau’s famous admonition came to mind. Unless one is getting dressed for a boat trip tour to the construction site of the Bay Bridge!

Thanks to Jennifer Starkweather and Amanda Hughen a group of art and bridge appreciators were given an up-close look at the monumental bridge project.

One signature element that will transform the San Francisco- Oakland Bay Bridge into a new global icon is the Self-Anchored Suspension Span (SAS). The SAS will be the largest bridge of its kind anywhere in world (2,047 feet). The main cable is approx 1 mile long and made up of 17,399 steel wire strands and weighs 10.6 million pounds (5,291 tons). Yes, 10.6 million pounds. How did they ever weigh that?

The Bay Bridge website is filled with historic videos, digital animations showing construction details and a web cam so that you can view the bridge as it is being constructed.

Until November 23, in the gallery you can see how Hughen/Starkweather so beautifully express the grand sweep of the suspension and the lyrical strength of the bridge. Prints are available in editions.

Reyhan Harmanci reports about the boat trip in Even Unfinished, the New Bay Bridge Inspires Artists for The New York Times and The Bay Citizen.

Out and About

Ron Davis will be featured in Pacific Standard Time: Crosscurrents in L.A. Painting and Sculpture 1950–1970, October 1, 2011–February 5, 2012
This exhibition, organized by the Getty Museum, will highlight the artistic production of Southern California, ranging from hard-edge painting to assemblage sculpture, from the Light and Space movement to film and video art, from Pop Art to feminist art, and from performance art to modern design.

For information about available artwork from Ron’s early years in Los Angeles, contact Anthony Luzi

Jennifer Starkweather presents several of her new pieces at Ampersand International in Walking on Thin Ice, January 21- February 18.

Ana Teresa Fernandez is featured in ChicAChic the new wave of Chicana Art at CIIS January 22- March 18. She will participate in a panel discussion on January 22 at 6 PM.

David Tomb is making regular posts on Facebook to Jeepney Projects Worldwide about his adventures in the Philippines.

The Airport Project

We’re freshly tidied up from last night’s big opening.  With all of the doom and gloom everyone’s been chattering about, it was great to have a lively, bustling opening for Amanda Hughen and Jennifer Starkweather’s excellent exhibition “The Airport Project.”  It a was nice way to start the new year!  The show is light, bright and full of energy, exactly what we’ve all needed around here, with the diminished daylight and rainy weather.

Openings are sort of like wedding receptions—each has their own flavor made up in no small part by the attendees.  I can’t help but smile when thinking about last night’s opening.  LOTS of kids made it a really nice affair. Toy cars zoomed between collectors’ legs and Pierrre, our shop dog, was—well—overstimulated, excited and pretty happy, if not just a bit terrorized by the 2-8 year-old crowd.

The show has a nice long run, until the end of February.  If you couldn’t make it last night, please do come on down in the next few weeks.

The Airport Project


Well, we’re all back.  The whole Electric Works crew! From far-flung locales, like Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Los Angeles and Marin County. Safe and sound, we’re ready to get started on a new year at the Works.

We’ve got two more days of the excellent “Eclectic Works” exhibition before we need to deinstall it and then install Amanda Hughen and Jennifer Starkweather’s collaborative print show which opens January 9th.  We are all really excited to have both artists back and to keep this collaboration alive.  For those of you who weren’t with us in the beginning, let me rewind.  2007: Amanda Hughen and Jennifer Starkweather are working on collaborative maps of San Francisco for the SF Art Commission’s Art on Market Street Program, and we get talking about a show of the original work.  Next thing you know, there’s a show lined up.  We had such a great response (and so much fun) with the last show, we immediately started talking about another, and here it is, “The Airport Project.”

Hughen and Starkweather’s take on air travel: routes, infrastructure, parking, road systems—all of this is addressed in this new series of six elegant prints.