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tombstoneAlthough poet Brent Reiten created this tombstone in the 1980’s he is still very much alive.

Jason Tesauro recently discovered a copy of Transient Sex in a thrift store in Virginia and the article about his find has sparked a revival in Brent. Plus, maybe best of all, Brent now has an official listing at The Poetry Foundation.

Electric Works is pleased to be selling Transient Sex in our bookstore. You can order here.


APE 2013


We’re going APE – Alternative Expo Press, that is.
Visit us at booth #759
We will be featuring the best of our books, comics, prints and t-shirts.
This Saturday, October 12
11-7 PM
This Sunday, October 13
11-6 PM

Concourse Exhibition Center
835 8th Street
San Francisco

Moving Art

Man Moving Art_IMG_5126

Best little art handler out there! Sam delivers our art shipments everyday by rolling a large crate from the shipyard. Our hard working man and his rolling cart is a cleaver all-tin toy. Wind up the wood grain crate and he appears to be pushing and rolling his large box. Sam wears blue overalls, a nice plaid shirt and a many anchor tattoo. Come in to the store at Electric Works to meet Sam and see the other wind-up toys we have in stock.

One era at a time…




Just when you were wondering what day it is, Joey Sellers has come up with a timeless way to figure it out. Sellers spoke about his Periodic Calendar to a standing room only crowd last month at Electric Works. If you missed it, freelance writer Patricia Yollin filed this helpful full-page report to the SF Chronicle that was presented in Sunday’s paper.

Standing Room Only

It was standing room only yesterday for Joey Sellers performance of his Periodic Calendar. He delighted the audience with his educational tutorial about how to navigate the calendar and his explanation of the day years.

From now until forever Periodic Calendar is the only calendar you will ever need.
If you missed out yesterday, you can stop by the store or buy one here.

Store Hours
Monday-Saturday 11-5


Summer Reading List

Our bookstore is open and stocked for your summer reading pleasure. And for your travels to alternate universes you will be happy to have these guide books in hand. Kcymaerxthaere: Volume 4 and Kcymaerxthaere: Volume 6.

Eames Demetrious, Geographer-at-Large and his colleagues go around our linear world to find points of contact with Kcymaerxthaere and then honor these places with markers and, where possible, actual historical sites.

In a way, it is a bit like a novel with every page in a different place. Reading markers and sites in situ is a kind of transformative experience that connects you to possibilities and stories in a whole new way.

So even if you are not going anywhere in the “real” world this summer, a vacation to Kcymaerxthaere is worth the trip.

Bon Voyage!

Rave reviews

Rave reviews are coming in for Nancy Mullane’s Life After Murder. It’s a compelling read- now available in our book store.

Listen to Nancy speaking with Michael Krasny on Forum.

Life After Murder is a gripping behind the scenes look at men who have committed heinous crimes yet still challenge our humanity by asking us to truly consider the meaning of redemption. This is journalism at its finest and a must-read for anyone interested in the realities of our prison system.”
–TOM AMMIANO, California Assembly Member

That’s right — it’s a MOVING SALE!

That’s right — it’s a MOVING SALE!
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
March 15–17 from 11am – 5pm

We will be offering amazing, ridiculous deals on our bookstore merchandise! We are offering deep discounts on all of our store merchandise, mini-prints and some art treasures that have been stashed away. Our flat flies will be open and we will have special offers on editions. And much, much more!

Books 40-70% off
Store Merchandise 50% off
All Mini-Prints 50% off

New Hours: While we complete our transition to our new space, please note the following new business hours: Monday–Friday 11-5. Artist services, printing, scanning and production will be open throughout our transition. Gallery programming will be on hold temporarily.

Once our move is complete, we’ll let you know where to come to visit us in our new home.

The Electric Works Team