Mission between 9th and 10th

We are happy to be in the ‘hood with CounterPULSE on Mission between 9th and 10th. Our neighbors are celebrating their 8th anniversary with May Day a showcase of local artists to raise funds for the nonprofit experimental space for art and social action. Support CounterPULSE as a hub for risk-taking community-based performance. May Day features an all-star lineup including March Bamuthi Joseph, Keith Hennessy, Dohee Lee, Scott Wells & Dancers, Axis Dance Company,Jess Curtis/ Gravity, Erin Mei-Ling Stuart, Byb Chanel Bibene, and Duniya Dance and Drum Company and a silent auction every night!

May Day 2013
Performance Festival to Benefit CounterPULSE
1310 Mission between 9th and 10th
May 3 -5, FRI-SUN at 8PM
$35 and up Buy tickets


Standing Room Only

It was standing room only yesterday for Joey Sellers performance of his Periodic Calendar. He delighted the audience with his educational tutorial about how to navigate the calendar and his explanation of the day years.

From now until forever Periodic Calendar is the only calendar you will ever need.
If you missed out yesterday, you can stop by the store or buy one here.

Store Hours
Monday-Saturday 11-5


Periodic Calendar

Electric Works presents
Periodic Calendar
Saturday, January 19, 2-3 PM

Electric Works is pleased to present the Periodic Calendar, a new breakthrough in temporal technology, created by Joey Sellers and conceptual art think tank Ape Con Myth.

Modeled on the periodic table of elements, the Periodic Calendar reveals the full landscape of possible days by categorizing years based on their first day of the week. In this new system, the days of the month shatter into the isotopes of multiple elements, creating a perpetual calendar capable of exploring past, present and future dates as never before.

Ape Con Myth’s work revolves around the search for new possibilities within reality by rewiring the abstract structures governing it and for five years has produced variations on the traditional wall calendar in an effort to change the way the world thinks about and experiences time.

Please join us on Saturday, January 19th from 2-3 PM to get a glimpse of the future with the creator of the Periodic Calendar. Sellers will give a short talk about what Type of Year 2013 will be and help the curious find their Birth Elements.

You can also participate in Ape Con Myth’s Calendar Trade-In Program by bringing in your new, yet hopelessly outdated, regular wall calendars for a $5 discount on the Periodic Calendar.

Monday—Saturday 11-5

Save the Dates

It’s almost time to turn the page on that old 2012 calendar. Get a jump start on plans for 2013 and mark your calendar.

January 10, Thursday 6-8 PM opening reception for Tuning For The Edge Of The Line. Elaine Buckholtz will take over the entire gallery with an installation featuring light-based work and videos that activate the surface of printed media on the wall.

January 19, Saturday 2-3 PM Joey Sellers creator of the Periodic Calendar will give a short talk about what Type of Year 2013 will be and help the curious find their Birth Elements.

Mindanao Jungle

Step into the gallery and you step into the magnificence of David Tomb’s Mindanao jungle. With luminous and colorful paper assemblages Tomb conveys the spatial depth of Mindanao and the grand birds that live there. A 12-foot high 15-foot wide wall piece of a life size Philippine Eagle nest site commands the gallery.

With this exhibition and with his Jeepney Projects Worldwide, Tomb brings attention to the challenges and tensions these grand birds face in order to survive and share a sustainable future with an ever-growing Filipino population.

Grand Birds of the Philippines
until November 10
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11- 5

Passport 2012

Presented by the San Francisco Arts Commission Galleries

Passport is an annual DIY art collecting event benefiting the San Francisco Arts Commission Galleries. Since 2009, Passport, has been bringing together a new lineup of celebrated Bay Area artists each year and inviting the public to create a limited-edition artist’s book by collecting original, artist-designed stamps in a custom edition Moleskine “passport” notebook. This year, from noon to 4 pm, join hundreds of do-it-yourself art collectors and take to the streets of North Beach, following a designated route, to collect stamps from the artists themselves. While discovering some of the brightest spots in North Beach you can enjoy the people and small businesses that define the neighborhood’s unique cultural character.