Save the Dates

It’s almost time to turn the page on that old 2012 calendar. Get a jump start on plans for 2013 and mark your calendar.

January 10, Thursday 6-8 PM opening reception for Tuning For The Edge Of The Line. Elaine Buckholtz will take over the entire gallery with an installation featuring light-based work and videos that activate the surface of printed media on the wall.

January 19, Saturday 2-3 PM Joey Sellers creator of the Periodic Calendar will give a short talk about what Type of Year 2013 will be and help the curious find their Birth Elements.

Saved the World

We did it! You may have noticed we’re still here. Yes, we knew all along that Super Bato had saved the world. In 2009 Enrique Chagoya in collaboration with Electric Works created “2012—Super Bato Saves the World” —a slot machine based on the End of Days prediction of the Mayan Calendar. The idea was that if only someone could win the super jackpot on the machine, the world would be saved. Well, someone did. On May 7, 2009 this little tike pulled the one arm of the bandito and the machine whooped and flashed, coins a-tumble– the world was saved. So we knew all along we would still be here on the morning of 12/21/12.

The most amazing part of the 2012 story is that the Maya were astounding counters of “long time”. In this NASA short video you can see the calendar was a repeating device and yes ,we are back at the start. Our solstice wish is for an age of increasing cooperation. Fiscal Cliff negotiations? Maybe that’s the doomsday in real time. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Take a spin

Rev up your turntable and take a listen to the catchy tunes on
Marcel Dzama’s Albatross Note. Yes, it’s a record – 9 ” and green.

And if you need a place to store your record there’s a custom hand-made cabin
The Cabin of Count Dracula, 2005 with 20 hand-drawn lithographs.
Edition of 10.
Now on view at the gallery in The Best of Everything until December 22.

You ain’t heard nothin’ yet

Flip Baber, founder and creative director of Johnnyrandom Music Composition & Sound Design, has added sounds, natural jungle sounds to the ambience of David Tomb’s Grand Birds of the Philippines.

Multiple recordings of bird calls from cataloged biological research recordings and from home videos of the Mindanao jungle were combined with sounds of cicadas and frogs then processed to create an audio experience with depth and movement.

You can hear it here but you’ve gotta’ come in and hear it while stepping in to Tombs extraordinary re-creation of the jungle inhabitants and habitat.

Mindanao Jungle

Step into the gallery and you step into the magnificence of David Tomb’s Mindanao jungle. With luminous and colorful paper assemblages Tomb conveys the spatial depth of Mindanao and the grand birds that live there. A 12-foot high 15-foot wide wall piece of a life size Philippine Eagle nest site commands the gallery.

With this exhibition and with his Jeepney Projects Worldwide, Tomb brings attention to the challenges and tensions these grand birds face in order to survive and share a sustainable future with an ever-growing Filipino population.

Grand Birds of the Philippines
until November 10
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11- 5

OUTside INside

Come on in this evening to see what’s on the inside of Electric Works new gallery space. From 6-8 PM we will be hosting an opening reception for Geometria Concretus, mixed media art work by Lucy Puls.

Since 2009, Puls has focused on the interiors of used up homes. In particular, homes that have been occupied for a long time and now are bank owned. In Geometria Concretus she shows us the vestiges of domestic life: glow-in-the-dark stars on a ceiling, nails evenly spaced where pictures once hung, or carpet indentations from furniture and repeated traffic.