Dave Eggers at ArtMRKT

Electric Works presents
Dave Eggers at ArtMRKT
to benefit ScholarMatch
May 15-18, Booth 109, Fort Mason Center


Working in the vernacular of political propaganda posters, Dave Eggers deftly executes grease pencil drawings that feature an ongoing cast of fur-, feather-, and scale-bearing creatures. What seems like an extraordinary balancing act of good humor and earnest pledges of allegiance, Eggers creates a menagerie that speaks to our very human condition.

Dave Eggers studied painting and art history at the University of Illinois before realizing he probably wasn’t good enough to live as an artist. After college he worked as an illustrator, cartoonist and designer, before again realizing he wasn’t good enough at these things to continue doing them full-time. Subsequently he wrote books and continues to write books. He’s also the founder of McSweeney’s and 826 Valencia.

Proceeds from the sales of drawings go directly toward investing in San Francisco Bay Area students heading off to college. ScholarMatch is a new project of 826 National that matches donors with students needing funds for college tuition. At ScholarMatch students post profiles, and donors can learn about scholars in their community who need assistance. To try to boost the ability of ScholarMatch to meet the need of its many students, Electric Works is helping to sell over 40 new drawings by Eggers. With tuitions rising everywhere, there are about 100 students profiled on the ScholarMatch website who need funds for college.

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Birds in Bolinas

Hansen_ Birds
Keith Hansen: Birds of the Sierra Nevada

For the past 15 years well-loved Bolinas wildlife artist Keith Hansen has been meticulously illustrating the birds of the Sierra Nevada. In conjunction with the release of the long-awaited book Birds of the Sierra Nevada this exhibition features a selection of 70 original color plates printed by Electric Works depicting over 1,400 birds used as illustrations in the book. 

Birds of the Sierra Nevada, a beautifully illustrated and user-friendly book, presents the most up-to-date information available about the natural histories of birds of the Sierra Nevada, the origins of their names, the habitats they prefer, how they communicate and interact with one another, their relative abundance, and where they occur within the region.

June 29 – August 25
Saturday June 29: Exhibition Preview 2 PM, Opening Reception 3-5 PM

Bolinas Museum
48 Wharf Road
Bolinas, CA

Steve Lambert says it


It’s Time to Fight
22in x 14in
Letterpress on card
now available at the Electric Works store

Steve says, “For me, art is a bridge that connects uncommon, idealistic, or even radical ideas with everyday life. I carefully craft various conditions where I can discuss these ideas with people and have a mutually meaningful exchange. Often this means working collaboratively with the audience, bringing them into the process or even having them physically complete the work.”


Electric Works is pleased to be featuring in our gallery/room for ArtPadSF at the Phoenix Hotel the work of Robert Minervini and Dave Eggers. Elaine Buckholtz will be creating an on-site light installation. 

Robert Minervini will be addressing the kind of subject matter that is alluded to in his previous utopian and dystopian cityscapes, landscapes, and floral still life paintings—namely, the ecological impact of humanity on the landscape. His new paintings and drawings of floral still lifes, literal and metaphorical quotations from traditional European vanitas paintings have been recontextualized in contemporary environments. The flora and fauna depicted in these works are currently listed as endangered wildlife in California. These present day memento mori directly reference the traditional form and function of European vanitas paintings—which acted as symbolic reminders of the inevitability of death—by depicting local wildlife that is in the process of extinction. His presence at ArtPadSF will be an extension of his show After Glow: As the Wick Burns that is in our gallery, May 10- June 29. 
Between artifice and the authentic180

Dave Eggers will present animal portraits with text- china marker on paper with words that express what the animal might be thinking. Working in the vernacular of political propaganda posters, these deftly executed drawings feature an ongoing cast of fur-, feather-, and scale-bearing creatures. What seems like an extraordinary balancing act of good humor and earnest pledges of allegiance, Eggers creates a menagerie that speaks to our very human condition.


Elaine Buckholtz will be creating a lavender light installation onto the swimming pool in the center courtyard of the hotel and she will be changing out all the lights on the landings of each room to a soft pink. Buckholtz explores light as an ephemeral phenomenon and uses it to unmask hidden aspects of architectural forms in relation to painting. She uses visual and temporal repetition to explore the intersection of space, image, movement, and light. Her fascination with light has a long history. Buckholtz will use her background in lighting and theater design to generate her own luminous theater at the Phoenix Hotel.

One era at a time…




Just when you were wondering what day it is, Joey Sellers has come up with a timeless way to figure it out. Sellers spoke about his Periodic Calendar to a standing room only crowd last month at Electric Works. If you missed it, freelance writer Patricia Yollin filed this helpful full-page report to the SF Chronicle that was presented in Sunday’s paper.

Mindanao Jungle

Step into the gallery and you step into the magnificence of David Tomb’s Mindanao jungle. With luminous and colorful paper assemblages Tomb conveys the spatial depth of Mindanao and the grand birds that live there. A 12-foot high 15-foot wide wall piece of a life size Philippine Eagle nest site commands the gallery.

With this exhibition and with his Jeepney Projects Worldwide, Tomb brings attention to the challenges and tensions these grand birds face in order to survive and share a sustainable future with an ever-growing Filipino population.

Grand Birds of the Philippines
until November 10
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11- 5

Grand Birds

For months David Tomb has been working on a series of mixed-media works celebrating the Grand Birds of the Philippines. Here is a sneak peak from his studio of the works in progress. Mark your calendar for Friday, October 12 for the opening reception 6-8 PM. Tomb’s exhibition in conjunction with Jeepney Projects Worldwide will feature luminous and colorful paper assemblages with subtle low relief elements that help convey spatial depth as well as the ambiguous and mysterious jungle terrain of Mindanao.