Car-πού-see: The Wandering Nighthouse


Elaine Buckholtz and Floor van de Velde invite you to join them in Athens, Saturday, July 27 for a quintessential summer snack of watermelon, feta, bread and wine while considering how light and sound can transform our mundane environment into something extraordinary and even uncanny. The audience is invited to gather at Souzy Tros, where a slow-moving open-air truck will offer rides that allow people to experience their own mobile light show, illuminating local architecture and other spaces that deserve heightened visibility and visual transformation.

Elaine Buckhotz combines the mediums of moving light, sound, video, and sculpture in her work. She received her MFA from Stanford University 2006 and the California College of The Arts in 2012, and is currently an Associate Professor at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in the Studio for Interrelated Media. She has shown work at numerous cultural venues, including Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and The Academy of Sciences, (San Francisco, CA), as well as at Pierogi Gallery in Liepzig Germany, and The Wexner Center For The Arts (Columbus, Ohio). She has worked as a Lighting and Visual Designer in the San Francisco Bay Area over the past 20 years and has also collaborated regularly with Merce Cunningham and Meredith Monk creating and recreating their visual environments internationally. In addition to large-scale architectural installations, and Public Art Projects, her work is represented by Electric Works Gallery in San Francisco, California.

Floor van de Velde is a Belgian-born, South African visual artist and composer. Her deep interest in music technology, sculpture, and digital art has led to experiments with electronic, classical, non-western music, sound collage and a general investigation into how digital precision and acoustic warmth can complement each other. Floor is currently an MFA candidate at MIT in the Program in Art, Culture and Technology.

Saturday, July 27, 2013
9pm-midnight (food and refreshments served)
Souzy Tros (Markoni 8, Eleonas, Athens)
Guest Curated by Lydia Matthews

Moving Art

Man Moving Art_IMG_5126

Best little art handler out there! Sam delivers our art shipments everyday by rolling a large crate from the shipyard. Our hard working man and his rolling cart is a cleaver all-tin toy. Wind up the wood grain crate and he appears to be pushing and rolling his large box. Sam wears blue overalls, a nice plaid shirt and a many anchor tattoo. Come in to the store at Electric Works to meet Sam and see the other wind-up toys we have in stock.

In the house


Our own Kay Ryan will be in the house- the White House on Wednesday, July 10 to receive the National Humanities Medal. She is being honored “for her contributions as a poet and educator. A former poet laureate of the United States, her witty and compact verse infused with subtle wordplay, reminds us of the power of language to evoke wisdom from the ordinary,” the White House said in its press release. Inaugurated in 1997, the National Humanities Medal recognizes individuals or groups whose work has deepened the nation’s understanding of the humanities.

Electric Works is honored to have collaborated with her and Tucker Nichols to produce a broadside of her poem Blandeur.


If it please God,
let less happen.
Even out Earth’s
rondure, flatten
Eiger, blanden
the Grand Canyon.
Make valleys
slightly higher,
widen fissures
to arable land,
remand your
terrible glaciers
and silence
their calving,
halving or doubling
all geographical features
toward the mean.
Unlean against our hearts.
Withdraw your grandeur
from these parts.