Frozen Geometry

Electric Works is pleased to announce that gallery artist Lucy Puls has been selected to participate in a new online community of America’s finest artists called USA Projects created by United States Artists to expand its mission of investing in America’s finest artists.

She is presenting an exciting new proposal, Frozen Geometry that will use the drawings from her series Vesania Brevis as source material. For each drawing, the main component is a fragment of a photograph taken of an interior of an empty home. Her goal with this project is to move the geometric shapes off the two-dimensional form and into three-dimensional space.

Sandhill Cranes

Electric Works is thrilled to have printed the panels for Marcia Stuermer’s much awaited art commission for the Sacramento International Airport that will be unveiled to the public October 2011. This installation is a fine example of our consultation and production services for large-scale projects such as this. The suspended and backlit ceiling 16’ x 52’ is located in the high security baggage claim area of the new International Terminal and will embody the archetypical notion of travel with dreamy, translucent imagery of migrating birds soaring overhead that appear to be X-rayed along with traveler’s baggage.

Stuermer chose to use the imagery of Sandhill Cranes inspired by the fact that the Sacramento Central Valley is located in the middle of the Pacific Flyway zone where these migratory birds have traveled their twice yearly route between Alaska and Patagonia for centuries.

The ceiling inset is composed of 26 translucent acrylic panels in a watery blue-green simultaneously simulating sky and water that are backlit via a programmed, energy-efficient LED system and installed as a single visual field flush with and within the maple veneer perimeter of the existing acoustic ceiling panels in International Arrivals area. Stuermer digitally composed and manipulated the foreground imagery of a flock of Sandhill Cranes in flight, which were then printed on clear film with archival pigmented inks on our Epson 11880. The flock is visually oriented to be traveling away from the baggage claim area, providing a subliminal way-finding mechanism to the weary traveler as well as echoing the intended flow pattern within the airport space. This ‘flow’ will be subtly enhanced by the programming of the LED lighting that will simulate movement of the dreamlike water background from one end of the installation to the other.

With no two images alike, each crane image is a high-contrast, digitally created photographic composite of both the crane’s body and skeleton in flight that playfully and conceptually mimics the x-ray scanning of baggage as well as depicting the subtle discovery of underlying layers of information, meaning and structure in our world.

For project inquiries, please email Kris Lang,
or phone 415-626-5496.

Bicycle Joyride

These days, until October 21, a stroll or bicycle ride down Market Street is a special kind of journey. Bus shelters on Market Street between 8th Street and the Embarcadero feature a series of six distinct posters by artist Ian Huebert that invite viewers to experience “every-day” city scenes from the saddle of a bicycle, the artist’s primary mode of transportation. The series titled The Golden Spoke is part of the the San Francisco Arts Commission’s 2011 Art on Market Street Posters.

“Ian Huebert’s posters capture the essence of what it feels like to experience this beautiful city from atop a bicycle, from the elements like the fog and rain to the physical challenges such as the hills and navigating through rush hour traffic,” said Interim Director of Cultural Affairs JD Beltran. “The Golden Spoke is perfect for Market Street, which plays host to thousands of bicycle commuters everyday.”

Created with gouache, water color, pen and ink, the posters are reminiscent of brightly-colored vintage travel posters. The Golden Spoke celebrates the city’s bike culture and tours such quintessential locales as: Sutro Towers shrouded in a ring of fog; the Bay Bridge and Ferry Building Farmer’s Market; San Francisco’s famous hills, the Embarcadero and Market Street.

Birds on the Wing

David Tomb will alight this fall in two important exhibitions of his rare and exotic birds at the EBMUD Oakland Administration Building, August 25-October 10 and at the San Marcos Gallery at Dominican University in San Rafael, September 22-October 29.
Borderland Birds at the EBMUD Oakland Administration Building
2nd Floor Lobby
375 11th Street (bet Webster & Franklin()
Oakland, CA
August 25-October 14, 2011
An artist reception Thursday, September 15
12 noon – 1:30 pm
The exhibit is open to the public
Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm
For more information, call 510-287-0138

Train Travels

During these dog days of summer, its time to travel and what better way than by train. Candace Gaudiani captures the dreamy passing of the landscape in her views from the train window. Her photographs are featured in a Lenscratch blogpost. Lenscratch, a blogzine that explores contemporary photography and offers opportunities for exposure and community was founded by and is edited by Aline Smithson.

All Over Coffee

On Sunday, July 31, in the San Francisco Chronicle Pink Section

Paul Madonna accompanied Richard Lang on his typical walk from the Ferry Building to Electric Works. What they experienced that day was a different kind of typical.

For more of Paul Madonna’s sojourns visit The Store at Electric Works.

you’ve never been so alive 2009
ink, watercolor, gouache and pencil

For more of Paul’s original artworks visit his Artist Page.