Dark Sky

The stunning work of Talia Greene graces the cover of the literary magazine Dark Sky issue # 9. Take a look inside of the magazine to view a series of her prints of altered vintage photographs.

Talia writes about her fascination with insects:
I am continually drawn to the many contradictory associations we have with insects, and the way in which those tensions can complicate our understanding of ourselves, and our place in the natural world. As pests and interlopers in our homes, insects elicit an uncomfortable feeling of loosing control of our bodies and surroundings. From a distance, their chaotic nature feels menacing and contrary to the order of human society. A closer analysis reveals a more complex balance between chaos and organization.

Light Making Motion: Works on Paper

Electric Works presents
Elaine Buckholtz
Light Making Motion: Works on Paper
July 8 – August 20, 2011
Artist Reception: Friday, July 8, 6 – 8 PM

Electric Works is pleased to announce Light Making Motion: Works on Paper and in Light, a solo show by Elaine Buckholtz. Buckholtz will take over the entire gallery—including the Project Space—for this exhibition that will feature video, light-based work and works on paper. Buckholtz’ current work will employ video projection, channeled light plates, a trove of optical devices in vitrines as well as vibrant prints on the wall. Presentationally simple, Buckholtz’ projections and light-bending apparatus charge the exhibition space with an otherworldly glow that alters the viewers’ perceptions. Buckholtz’ presentations of transformed objects and lenses into visual apparatus feel like a peek behind the curtain in the Wizard’s laboratory: viewers will have the chance to interact with the exhibition by using the various optical devices Buckholtz has populated the gallery with. The large-scale video installation in the Project Space, previewed in its nascent form at the gallery a year ago, is the crown jewel in this ambitious manipulation of light and color.

Buckholtz received her MFA at Stanford University and has shown at The Swiss Technorama Museum, Winterthur Switzerland; Yerba Buena Center For The Arts, San Francisco, California; The Claremont Museum in Southern California; Pierogi Leipzig, Leipzig Germany; The Luggage Store in San Francisco;The San Francisco Arts Commission; California College of The Arts; Stanford University; The Wexner Center For The Arts; Sun Valley Center For The Arts; and Fusion Art Space, San Francisco, California.

Zombie-Proof House

This is not an exhibition about zombies. Zombie-Proof House is a meditation on anxiety and hope in a troubled time. It explores recent history and potential futures as they relate to collapse, fortification, political upheaval and shared responsibility- Robert Wuilfe, curator.

At the di Rosa in Napa until September 17.

Richard Lang and artist Lucy Puls talk over her installation of carefully constructed tableaux of foreclosed and abandoned homes.

Richard enjoys reading a vintage Playboy magazine inside of Stronghold by Inka Hoots (Joshua Short and Joel Dean Stockdill) a fallen airplane turned into a shelter reminiscent of a Mad Max movie.

NY, SF, Napa

Isabella Kirkland’s “Nova” at Feature Inc. in New York offers four profusely detailed panel paintings devoted to the flora and fauna that are new to scientific literature within the last 20 years. The number of species that remain “undiscovered” is difficult to estimate. Many scientists believe that of all living things on earth, perhaps only 10 to 15 percent have been given a Latin name and assigned a place in the larger picture of evolution. Read the New York Times review.

Zombie-Proof House is a meditation on anxiety and hope in a troubled time. This major group exhibition, organized by di Rosa curator Robert Wuilfe, explores recent history and potential futures as they relate to collapse, political upheaval and shared responsibility. Featuring Lucy Puls and others.

Saturday June 18 6-8 PM Gatehouse Gallery at the diRosa
200 Sonoma Highway, Napa, CA 94559 707-226-5991

On February 9, 1977, photographers Daniel Nicoletta and David Waggoner, who worked in Harvey Milk’s camera store, organized the first Gay Film Festival of Super 8 films which they projected onto a bed sheet at the Gay Community Center. The lo-fi screening has evolved into Frameline, the world’s largest and longest-running LGBT film festival. Celebrate the 35th anniversary of the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, a legendary showcase of queer cinema, this June 16-26, 2011.

Katherine Sherwood in the News

Katherine Sherwood was just 44 when a hemorrhage in her brain’s left hemisphere paralyzed the right side of her body, making it extremely difficult for the UC Berkeley professor to speak – and forever changing her artwork. Sherwood has enjoyed more critical success since the stroke. She was photographed in her home studio by Dave Getzschman for the Los Angeles Times. Read the article After brain damage, the creative juices flow for some