Forecast Snow and Viruses

Snow is forecast for this weekend. So why not spend some relaxing days by the fire crafting these sculptures designed by Scott Kildall and Victoria Scott based on real and imaginary viruses-biological, imaginary viruses from fiction and film and deadly computer viruses!

Each of these viruses come separately on a single sheet of paper, unassembled on an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper. Only $10. each.

While you are in the Electric Works store purchasing your viral papercraft kit check our Project Space for Scott Kildall’s video installation Future Memories and Home Stories.

Last night…

outside it was a dark and stormy night. Inside the walls were aglow with images of the moods and atmospheres of journeys, of memories, of train travel and of old films.

Rain or shine until March 26, you won’t want to miss Candace Plummer Gaudiani’s Proscenium

and Scott Kildall’s Future Memories and Home Stories

And, you can get here by train-It’s easy. Electric Works is one block south of the Civic Center BART station.

Take A Gamble on Art

On Saturday, February 19, 6- 8 PM meet Enrique Chagoya at the reception for his Surviving Paradise exhibition at the di Rosa in Napa.

The show features Pyramid Scheme a set of soup cans that describe the recent financial meltdown and Super-Bato Saves the World a fully functioning slot machine. Both works were produced by Electric Works in 2009. The theme of the slot machine is “2012,” the end-year of the ancient Mayan 5125 year calendar, a time of great portent and change. Replete with imagery that crosses the US-Mexican border, subjects in the machine’s graphics include materialism’s discontent, environmental catastrophe and generally, the end of the world. Jackpot winners “save the world,” along with the help of “Super-Bato.” Surviving Paradise Sneak Peak

While at the diRosa in their gift shop you can take a gamble on art!. Produced by Electric Works, this Super Bato payout cup bears the slogan “Life’s a Dream, Then You Wake Up.” Limited Edition payout cup from“2012” the “one-armed bandit” by Enrique Chagoya. $40


Making books is really, really fun. And really, really hard- especially if you have never done it before. Let us help. We will steer you clear of the rocks and hard places which plague artists designing their own books. We have worked with some of the best artists in the Bay Area in the last 20 years. Visit us at CODEX today and tomorrow where you can see some stunning examples. Call to schedule an appointment to bring your project to us today.


Fine Press Book Association interview with Judith Selby Lang about Chagoya’s Pyramid Scheme.