Pencil Me In

Bob Van Breda creates unnerving balancing acts with pencils; transforming the simple fact of a pencil into metaphors of a culture past- how we have, with our laptop, iphone and Blackberry’s, abandoned these practical tools.

Based on the physics theory called ‘The Moment of Inertia’ he considers motion, direction and volume in his arrangements and builds without any limitations of length, color and graphics.

Van Breda will present Pencil Me In, May 13 – June 17.
Join us for the opening reception Friday, May 13 from 6- 8 PM.

I continued to look for old pencils and explored different ways they could be assembled. Take the color away, they have. I soon ran out of old pencils and decided to buy new pencils from an art store and see what I could In the beginning, shape was all I cared about. The new art pencils allowed me to control the color as well. While I continued to develop the shape first, working with color was like adding color brush strokes on a three dimensional canvas.

Making Pencil Sculptures is one of my many mediums. To date, I have made over 200 Pencil Sculptures. During this process I began to wonder what these pencils would look like, oversized. I dream of people walking under and around these supersized Pencil Sculptures as public art.
Bob Van Breda

Out and About

David Tomb is just back from the Philippines and will be telling tales of his adventures and his sightings of Long-tailed Macaques, Steere’s Pitta, Hornbills a’plenty, and many other excellent critters this Thursday, January 27, 6- 10 PM at the California Academy of Sciences. Tiffany Bozic and Isabella Kirkland will also be presenting on this special Nightlife evening, “Art of Science, Science of Art.”

Check it out:
Dewitt Cheng reviews Geoff Chadsey’s show for Visual Art Source.
Artforum’s Picks features a write up by Glen Helfand. Plus Juxtapoz online has a photo spread about the show.

Ana Teresa Fernandez is the lead artist for La Llorona Unfabled: Stories to (Re)tell To Little Girls at Galeria de la Raza Opening reception: Saturday, February 12 – 7:30 PM. Artist talk from 2-4 PM.

The SFMOMA Artist Gallery has announced an upcoming exhibition with Katherine Westerhout opening March 10, 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM.

Out and About

Ron Davis will be featured in Pacific Standard Time: Crosscurrents in L.A. Painting and Sculpture 1950–1970, October 1, 2011–February 5, 2012
This exhibition, organized by the Getty Museum, will highlight the artistic production of Southern California, ranging from hard-edge painting to assemblage sculpture, from the Light and Space movement to film and video art, from Pop Art to feminist art, and from performance art to modern design.

For information about available artwork from Ron’s early years in Los Angeles, contact Anthony Luzi

Jennifer Starkweather presents several of her new pieces at Ampersand International in Walking on Thin Ice, January 21- February 18.

Ana Teresa Fernandez is featured in ChicAChic the new wave of Chicana Art at CIIS January 22- March 18. She will participate in a panel discussion on January 22 at 6 PM.

David Tomb is making regular posts on Facebook to Jeepney Projects Worldwide about his adventures in the Philippines.

Collect them all

Mini Prints at Electric Works!

All mini prints are commissioned by Electric Works from exhibiting artists in the gallery. Prints are signed by the artist, from an edition of 100 and cost $40.00 each.

“Compulsive” Amanda Hughen’s exploding universe of patterns, cell walls and energy field.

“Richmond Plunge” Katherine Westerhout’s photograph captures these swimmers on the last day this community pool was open in 2001.

Happy New Year!!!

We begin 2011 with work by two exciting artists.
Join us for the reception on Friday January 7, 6-8 PM

We are pleased to invite sculptor Sandra Ono to the Project Room for Homeostasis, an exhibition of her innovative work. Conceptually material-driven, the individual pieces belie their single-medium formula: delicately layered strands of black puffy paint mount up to an organic sludge-like form which threatens to slide off its shelf. Beyond the mere medium of the work Ono makes form that could have come from the pages of a natural history tome or Grey’s Anatomy. Organs, single-celled organisms, natural deposits: all these are directly referenced and reconfigured in her work.

Ono received her MFA from Mills College in 2008, and has most recently shown her work at Kala and the di Rosa Preserve.

In the Main Gallery, we present shift, return with Geoff Chadsey.
Read Keith Bower’s preview Paradox in Portraiture in SF Weekly.
Scroll down to December 17 for a post about Geoff’s work.