Make the Season Bright

Our old-fashioned light bulbs are perfect for brightening the Dark Days of Winter. The warm glow created from these bulbs make any room cozy. Vintage style bulbs have the same life span as standard modern filament bulbs but look so much better.

With such great names as The Bulakor, The Rosalind, Squirrel Cage, Quad Loop, Bolvangar…

Hey, that reminds me of a joke – how many Bolvangars does it take to change a lightbulb? Don’t know? Visit the store at Electric Works to find out.


Save the Date – January 7

Electric Works is pleased to welcome Geoff Chadsey to the gallery for a solo exhibition shift, return. His skillfully rendered portraits are filled with double, even triple enigmas of identity. What on the surface may look like an examination of contemporary gay life quickly turns into a deep practice of portraiture that follows the discipline back to its roots. Firmly rooted in the present-day and mesmerizingly focused on the viewer, the subjects of Chadsey’s drawings greet the viewer with sphinx-like complexity. What is going on in these sometimes tender, often comic, now-and-then grotesque images is the male dance of exhibitionism coupled with a certain coy reticence. The large-scale drawings on Mylar are at once stunningly beautiful and hypnotically riveting. A homecoming of sort for Chadsey—this will be his first solo exhibition in San Francisco in over five years and Chadsey’s first exhibition with Electric Works.

Chadsey received his MFA from the California College of Arts and
Crafts in 1995. He has shown at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art, San Jose Museum of Art, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, New Langton Arts, among other institutions. He is a winner of the Fleishhacker Foundation award, the Artadia Award, the Cadogen Fellowship, and the Gerbode Foundation Purchase Award. Chadsey is represented by the Jack Shainman Gallery, NY.

shift, return
January 7- February 12, 2011
Artist Reception: Friday, January 7, 6-8 PM

Counting the Days

For your holiday shopping –
at Electric Works we are counting the days with special items from our store, including such collectibles as the Ian Huebert literary map and the
Part of a Complete Breakfast print by Jason Jägel.

Just around the corner from the store our gallery is featuring Stella Luminosa. Stop by and meet Stella and the Luminosa family: Dave Eggers, Matt Furie, Ian Huebert, Jason Jägel, Keegan McHargue, Clare Rojas, and Gina Tuzzi.