Apples, Apples, Apples

"Apple I" by Mark Richards

This has been a busy week for all things Apple. First Apple Records and Apple Computer made nice and the Beatles’ complete catalog it available on iTunes, and this evening I heard on the radio how some lucky duck purchased one of the very few remaining Apple-I’s for . . . $213,600. Yep. A lot of dough for 8k of RAM, but not so much for a major piece of computer history.

At any rate, our good friends at 20×200 published a print by Mark Richards, noted computer (among other subjects) photographer of one of the very same models. Two sizes in this edition are totally sold out, so if you’re even vaguely interested hurry over to 20×200 and get your order in now. I’ve seen these in person and they’re beautiful, lush prints. You too can own a piece of computer history and for only $50.00!

We give thanks!

Electric Works will be closed on Thursday. It’s our special day to give thanks…not just for the obvious, like food, but for the multitude of blessings that we have received this year.

On the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, the gallery will be open by appointment. Please call 415 225 6624 and we’ll be happy to greet you at the gallery.

Please stay tuned for a set of holiday-only releases from Electric Works, including releases by Dave Eggers and Jason Jägel. And don’t forget about our December Group Show, “Stella Luminosa.” Exhibiting artists include: Dave Eggers, Matt Furie, Ian Huebert, Jason Jägel, Keegan McHargue, Clare Rojas, and Gina Tuzzi. The exhibition opens Friday, December 3, 6-8 PM.

And for more fun, please join us for a holiday release party for the Believer Magazine Art Issue on Thursday, December 9, 7:30- 9:30 PM.

Happy Holidays.

Stella Luminosa

Electric Works presents
Stella Luminosa
December 3 – December 24, 2010
Artist Reception: Friday, December 3, 6-8 PM

Electric Works is pleased to put some sparkle in the season with Stella Luminosa, a group show featuring Dave Eggers, Matt Furie, Ian Huebert, Jason Jägel, Keegan McHargue, Clare Rojas, and Gina Tuzzi. For the month of December the gallery will be populated by characters and landscapes that are both strangely familiar and familiarly strange. The works are distinguished by graphic mark making that evoke at once a childlike enhancement along with adult intrigue and sophistication. Gallery artist Jason Jägel will be taking over the Project Space filling it with an exuberant installation of recent paintings.

Believer Magazine Art Issue
Release Party: Thursday, December 9, 7:30- 9:30 PM

In conjunction with Stella Luminosa, we will be featuring many artists who make an appearance in the Believer magazine’s 2010 Art Issue. We welcome them to the gallery and look forward to their contributions. On December 9th, from 7:30 – 9:30 PM, we will be hosting a release party of this special issue of the Believer, featuring many esteemed guests, including a musical performance by Peggy Honeywell a.k.a. Clare Rojas, interviewed by Natasha Boas in the issue. Photographer Michael Light, interviewed by Lawrence Weschler in the issue, will give a presentation on his new work of aerial photographs of Los Angeles.

Ivory Gull

We are grateful for this guest blog from artist/birder David Tomb.
His keen observation of birds are realized in his extraordinary paintings.

He sends this report from the field:

In the late afternoon of November 4th, Mike Stensvold photographed what he thought looked like a weird pigeon at Pismo/Grover Beach, CA. When he realized that this bird was eating the carcass of a gull he knew that pigeons would not do that.

The next day he emailed the photos to a birder friend of his who identified this bird as the rare Ivory Gull. There has only been one previous confirmed record of this Arctic dwelling beauty in California. Lost Ivory Gulls show up more often in Maine or New York.

The stocky and short-necked Ivory Gull typically lives near ice pack/floes in the Arctic seas. It’s scientific name, Pagophila, means “ice loving”. No bird nests farther north than the Ivory Gull (Haney 1993). The Ivory Gulls summer range map is about the same as Santa Claus’s and they usually spend their winters on the ice north of Newfoundland. Never mind that the gull was originally photographed on a 70-degree day.

I left San Francisco a little before 3:00 AM and was among the first birders to search Pismo Beach for the Ivory Gull. The bird was not where Mike had photographed the bird two days prior. I started walking North along the beach a little before 7 AM. Some birders stayed at the original site. Not 20 minutes later a birder I was with got a phone call from a birder who was looking at the Ivory gull at the original spot! A group of us, gear-laden birders, started clumsily lumbering a 1/4-mile or so toward the gull that was now surrounded by birders with telescopes and cameras. The gull seemed not the least bit bothered by 50 or so stoked birders as it focused on feeding on the dead sea lion carcass on the beach.

After about a half an hour the ethereal white bird took off north toward the pier and returned off and on through out the day. The Ivory Gull hung around Sunday through mid morning but has not been re-found since then.

Usually lost birds are often juveniles – this individual is an adult. This species is likely to be one of the first casualties of Global warming as the numbers of have been rapidly dropping and is currently listed as Near Threatened.

Follow this link to see superior photos of Pismo Beach Ivory Gull:
Ivory Gull, Pismo Beach, CA, 6 November 2010

Points in Recent History

On Monday, November 8, the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players opens their 40th season with Points in Recent History, a concert of classic and future classics. As a fund raiser for the SFCMP, Electric Works has created a portfolio that will be presented at Herbst Theater.

After a very successful fund raising project with the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players collaborating with William T. Wiley, the Players have again joined with Electric Works to “let art fund art.” This time the collaboration is with Hung Liu. In a poignant paean to the cycle of life, Liu has produced a painting that speaks to the idea — how can we have art, have a musical instrument made of wood, without cutting a tree, causing some impact? It make us all aware to tread carefully and ask the question, what is precious after all? We at Electric Works feel the most precious of human activity is art.

All of the proceeds go to fund new music programs. Artwork by Hung Liu. Poem by Richard Lang.

Party Place

‘Tis the season for festive occasions and Electric Works is the perfect party place for special events, office get-togethers, social hours, wedding receptions.

The space features approximately 1600 square feet of gallery space with beautiful hardwood floors, 22′ ceilings, a full kitchen, and an exciting book & design store where your guests can shop. Please download our rental contract for details on hosting an event at Electric Works. To secure a date, please phone (415) 626-5496.

The Gallery at Electric Works is available for your event!