Loosest Slots in Town

Natalie: We run a pretty tight ship around here Noah.
Noah: With a slot machine?
Natalie: It’s a gaming ship.

Sneak Preview

Ten points to anyone who just got my Arrested Development reference. Anyone who knows anything about us E-Dubians knows we like to blur the lines between fine art and fun. That said, we are excited to announce that plans are underway for our latest project in our multiple series: a slot machine, or “One Armed Bandit” as we’ve been calling it around the shop, featuring the artwork of Enrique Chagoya. Preliminary drawings set the year 2012, the ancient Mayan doomsday, as their theme and feature talking skulls, cataclysmic fireballs, and even the likeness of Chagoya with serpentine body. Sound awesome? You bet it is. Get ready to come try your luck in May when the OAB will make its debut along with several other original prints and multiples by the artist. You won’t get rich, but you just might walk away with a little Chagoya coinage in your pocket.

Walk That Dog!

Greta by Judy North

Walk the Dog Electric

April 15, 5:30-7:30 PM

Please join us for a special event celebrating the artwork of Judy North now on exhibit at Heaven’s Dog and at Electric Works. We will begin at 5:30 with no-host drinks at Heaven’s Dog, Charles Phan’s (of The Slanted Door) new noodle shop, bar and restaurant. Then at 6:30 we will walk just around the corner to Electric Works to view North’s exhibition Why Not Say It? Richard Lang will present a curator’s tour of both venues.

The paintings in Why Not Say It? draw from the well of human mythos as North juxtaposes images from current political events against the timelessness of the desert landscapes of the spiritual quest.

Benni by Judy North

In 1991, North began painting commissioned dog portraits. After many years of combining her personal watercolor visions with an occasional human portrait, she finds capturing the essence and spirit of animal companions a welcome challenge. And plus, they are undeniably great, right?

Electric Works

130 8th at Mission

Heaven’s Dog 1148 Mission between 7th and 8th

RSVP appreciated